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Hello. I am Alison, an eLearning Instructional Designer with a Masters in Instructional Systems, as well as recipient of my Graduate Certification specifically IN eLearning Instructional Design.

I also have many years experience in website design and development. I like to think that Instructional Design skills are only augmented by my web design skills. As a web-whatever, you are tasked with teaching the web visitor about how the website works (UI, UX, navigation, usability), and also instruct them on what the website is about, whether a person, place, thing, business, or product.

However, I am really looking for work involving something with the word "instructional" or "training" in its title.

I am on Twitter (kind of) via @MoxziDotCom

Attended a special, full day Advanced Articulate Storyline training session. Whoo Hoo. View my spiffy certificate of completion.

23 OCTOBER 2014

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the eLearnings & instructional design >

SoftAssist (via HCMI): eLearning Developer (June 2011) I spent just over two weeks at Soft Assist with an official title of Graphic Designer. That turned out to mean "anything to help complete eLearning projects." This included:

  • Developing a Flash / ActionScript 2.0 interaction based on a print graphic for AVIS.
  • Developing an Articulate Engage interaction on a performance evaluation.
  • QAing and (proactively) fixing interactions in Flash CS4 for AVIS.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters: eLearning Designer / Developer (12/10 - 04/11) I took a simple black and white storyboard (see .pptx), create a design template in PowerPoint 2010, and developed a complete project in Ariculate Studio '09, as well as developing a Captivate 4 Show-Me that I embedded within the presentation. The final project became: "5 Steps to a Great Webinar."

For theBVC, created eLearnings on HOW TO (1) download music to computer (w/ and w/out narration) and (2) burn music on a CD (w/ and w/out narration).

Penn State University (est . graduation 2011)
Masters of Education : Graduate candidate - Instructional Systems Design. I am doing the Corporate Training Design & Development track, while also obtaining an Instructional Design for E-Learning Graduate Certificate.

View a PDF of a Needs Assessment and/or Task Analysis (charts done in Axure RP Pro 5) using multiple methods & theories to determine if any training is needed for the Brandywine Valley Chorale.

In continuation, view the complete instructional design project done for the BVC using Dick & Carey's ID model. (Download / View PDF)

View a project on synchronous learning. (Acrobat Reader 9 required) A mindmap (MindManger v8) of my research.

For one class we were tasked with creating a full project on Technological Determinism fully using Moodle as an LMS.See a full screenshot of the project.

Also proactively created/designed /facilitated a meeting room in Adobe Connect Pro so we could meet offline.

Recent Web Things >

Brandywine Valley Chorale (theBVC.org)
I've had an on-again, off-again, relationship with theBVC (a domain name I coined) doing online, offline marketing work for them since 2007.

From in inception in 2007 till 2010, I was the Webmaster of thebvc.org, updating the site for each performance season. Check out my previous designs of thebvc.org.

Once the new site went live in August 2010, I caught and fixed numerous CSS / IE bugs. Go to example to see the kind of fixes I found & destroyed.

For the past 2010-2011 season, I was the sole designer of both concerts' programs for the Winter concert (PDF, 7MB), as well as our Spring concert (PDF, 9MB) where I had to create most of the adverts by hand, from scratch. Both programs were created with Adobe InDesign CS4.

I have also been a pseudo-online marketing manager by setting up a twitter account (@BVChorale).

Created eLearnings on HOW TO (1) download music to computer (w/ and w/out narration) and (2) burn music on a CD (w/ and w/out narration).

Sassy Little Red Hen (2010)
Redesigned the eBay Store (view site) as well as the listing pages.

RoboHelp8 Demo. For job prep with Citadel, I took the job description, learned RoboHelp8 in 3 days and created this "help" document. This just shows how I can get up to speed on almost any application in a short amount of time.

Business 21 Publishing >

Business 21 Publishing: Webmaster / Online Marketing Manager (June 2007 - November 2008);

Handled UI (user flows, graphical elements, XHTML/CSS2 design and templating) for new online subscription product: http://www.selling-essentials.com/. Check out my USER FLOW diagram (.pdf) for how someone would set up a Trial Account.

As we continued to get ready for launch, we started an online DEMO of S-E.com. I took a script from the CEO and made a scratch version using Captivate 3. See Part1 and see Part2.

Completely overhauled transactional website using a customer-focused design approach, while understanding and meeting technical requirements. See what the homepage looked like before the redesign of http://www.b21pubs.com/.

Developed multiple job aids for THE BEER TRUCK FILES (a series of HOW TO DOs in case I got killed). View a pdf of "HOW TO move a completed audio conference, to previously viewed."


Championed all aspects of creating a micro-site for B21's first live conference. Used as much CSS as possible in design to faciliate ease of redesign for future iterations: View Site 2007 & then, View Site 2008.


Proactive Process Flow for leads generation from Google Adwords to Email Marketing.

Proactive 'Plan of Attack' to re-engineer blog with "timeless" links.

Producer (technical guru) for transition of webinars from iLinc to WebEx Training Center.

Producer (technical guru) for new product development with Articulate Presenter Pro, and ability for use on standalone CD-ROM.

2006 - 2007>

QVC.com as an Internet Developer (11/06 - 6/07);

Though no big design solutions to show off, QVC is worth mentioning because it's QVC!! However, as a developer, actual "WORK" was more about how I thrived within soft-skill-buzz-phrases.

Like, how I: "interact[ed] with multiple departments and layers of management [with] high standards for quality, demonstrating creative thinking, critical analysis, problem solving, and crisis managment sills, along with flexability/ adaptability."

9/2005 - 9/2006; For something different, I moved to Boston for a year, and worked a series of contract opportunities including:

A small stint at BKJ Productions, doing various web work including a web piece in Flash for Cedamere Estates retirement home.


Thomson Financial (now w/ Reuters) as a Print/Web Document Specialist (01/06 -04/06).

I responsible for developing and implementing internet-based B2B investor relation solutions, for around 2-dozen clients at any given time.

I created Interactive Annual Reports/ Investor Kits that included design of navigation bars for top of site. Actual work: 1800Flowers.com, JC Penney, and Dell's 2006 in Review.

Huntington Theatre Company at the Interim Webmaster (05/06 - 09/06)

I updated the site for the new season, worked on various online marketing campaigns, including email marketing, and online ads for nytimes.com. When asked to put up video, I created a Flash-based player to dynamically load video.

See a page of HTC examples/samples.

phx.com's "HomeWork">

Phoenix Media/Communications Group was seeking a Site Producer in Boston, to oversee their five primary websites that mirrored the content of their print publications, and radio station.

Along the job hunt process, came a hoop to jump through, in the form of an email called "homework" — answer these questions in the next five days.

Rather than simply jump through the hoop (by hitting the REPLY button above the email), I took the hoop, made it smaller, and set it on fire.

I created a fully functional website, made of the questions asked. Hey, if they wanted someone who knew websites, what better way than to show them?

(Note: Question 1 is a good way to see how I assess current sites.)

View Site (circa late 2005)

Danné Salon & Day Spa  >

Launched: December 2004; Redesign: April 2005; Using a PHP/MySQL based program osCommerce, I customized the PHP, CSS, and images used to fit Danné's branding, while supplying documentation along the way.

Mere weeks before the end of the year, Danné Salon & Day Spa has no website. Worst of all, they have no idea why.

After I resolved their hosting issues (and saved them $83/month in hosting fees), and threw up some stop-gap pages of essential information, I took to task the inability to purchase gift certificates for the holidays.

I turned Danné's unsecure, cash-certificates-only, unformatted, no-credit-cards-allowed <FORM> page, into a full (cash and/or services), secure, e-commerce site that went live December 6, 2004.

By the end of the month, Danné's shopping cart site pulled in over $2,600 in just 3 weeks, and next December, made $5,200.

View User Summary Report (.xls)

Intercollegiate Studies Institute  >

1999 - 2003; When ISI got their very first full-time Webmaster, it meant they were finally able to start creating sites they always wanted, but never had sufficient resources to achive.

As a niche publisher with an ever increasing list of books and authors to introduce, ISI Books allowed users to get information on titles, order them online, and even read the beginning of most books.

I designed the site to be relatively simple, while still being highly functional, thereby also keeping the site highly scalable, as new books were added.

View ISIBooks.org (c. 2000)

One of those books, Choosing the Right College, had an "e-arm" called collegeguide.org. As the idea was to capture the interest of college and college-bound students (& how easy is that?), I choose a bright color scheme and funky title font.

There was much repurposing of print material (in Quark & Acrobat) for web, requiring carefull consideration of usability and content management.

View collegeguide.org (c. 2002)

ISI sites
GE Capital Corporation   >

1997 - 1999; Web / Project Manager for GE's internal design agency for intranets: Emerging Technology Solutions.

In my first week at my first real job, I happily took on a group of 3 sites: HR, Employee Services, & Community Relations. What I didn't know at the time, was that they were the 3 largest sites to date (thanks to 50,000 GE Capital employees worldwide).

Capital Times (upper right) is a quarterly publication that Employee Services wanted online. Rather than force a large .PDF download, I applied our design/ brand standards to recreated it out of mostly HTML & <TABLE>s, with limited use of images.

OPEN example (in new window)

HR's Relocation (bottom right) was a new HR sub-site, that I completed an internal prototype for. I guided the client through the total web design process, including information architecture, UI design, HTML, and image optimization (Photoshop).

View Site (c. 1999)

GE Capital Corporation screenshots
Software Specific Samples  >
So as a web designer, I find being a Flash Designer easy. Maybe it is all the years of animated GIFs, even before there was ImageReady. Anyone remember Ulead's Gif Animator?

While banner ads and floating animated text is fine, the power of ActionScript 2.0 is real challenge. So rather than just say "sure I know ActionScript 2.0" I wanted to try and prove it to you.

Besides the requisite animation on your right (NO 'timeline effects' were used, by the way!), I have included full Flash/AS2.0 examples.